Sunday, April 8, 2012

Brag? Me? Never!

So since I'm pretty much obsessed with wajas, I decided to start a blog. Here, I'll write little stories, show off my pretties and basically just natter on and on in a useless fashion about an online wolf-breeding game. What? You've never even /heard/ of wajas? Well where the heck have you been! Head to the site and check it out! It's fun, and it's free!!!! In the meantime...let me introduce my main squeeze. Flash!

Stage 1 Flash Dance - Pre-Dye

Meet Flash, half of my very first Custom pair. I used a gold token to make him (though in hindsight I wish I'd bought the star package so I could have squeezed in a free hairball. Oh wellz, you live you learn. :D This picture is him as he is now, in his pre-dye stage. He has three more stages to go through but I still need to collect some dyes.He is pretty though. I've named this design Flash Dance Spitz because they were heavily inspired by clothing in the eighties - all those bright gaudy colors and sharp,graphic patterns. And what better way to represent the eighties than by referencing the movie Flash Dance. All right, in hindsight I could have called them Footloose, or Sixteen Candles too, but neither really goes with the design so that's what I chose.

Any other waja fans out there that blog? I'd love to read them! Post here so I can do that! :D

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